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And like Logan's work, it's entertaining while also making an important point.

Bates left school in 1978 at the age of sixteen, and founded Duran Duran with schoolfriends Stephen Duffy (vocals), John Taylor (who then played lead guitar), and Simon Colley (bass).Well - Kind Of In an interview with 'The Daily Mail', Rhodes explained: "I've taken the plunge and we're now living together at my house in Chelsea." The keyboardist goes on to explain how the almost 20-year age difference between he and his beloved is not a disadvantage to their relationship, saying: "I'm a lot older than Nef, but so what!I've quietened down in some ways since the Eighties - but I'm not ready for pipe and slippers yet. Having a younger woman helps."Continue reading: Nick Rhodes Now Living With His Model Girlfriend This documentary about the extraordinary sculptor and performance artist Andrew Logan couldn't be more colourful if it tried.As the band coalesced into its final line-up in 1979-80, Duran Duran started playing at a local Birmingham club called "The Rum Runner".The club owners became the band's managers, and Rhodes began working at the club as a disc jockey.

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